Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Soma 'Velodrama' Track Bars and 'Straight' Bars

New schwag for your perusal.
If your shop hasn't heard about these, send them over here or ask them to give their distributor a call.
They are available now in small quantities. The Velodrama is a 31.8mm CrMo Track Bar. It is the same bar as the one IRD will be releasing as the SuperDrome CrMo, but they let us borrow their design for colors they didn't plan to do....powdercoat pink and white.

We also have new aluminum straight bars in polished anodized colors. (5 degrees, 500mm long, we are planning to do zero degrees in the future, but this is what we's got now.) Besides anodized we will also have one in white, which will look nice on our Rush frame.


No Brakes Bikes said...


Is merry sales gonna have these?

Tell hawley to carry more of your product! We can never get everwears or much else really from you guys on a consistent basis and a more local distributor that's stocked on soma goods would be great!

those pink bars would look stellar on this or even this!.

Somacisco said...

Yes MSC has them now.

Re: Everwears... Panaracer's jpn factory is at their production limit right now. So we haven't been able to get as many as we want when we want them. We will get some in tomorrow and they'll be going to distributors soon.

rob.hamilton said...

you know hwere i can get the velodrama bars in Uk or Germany