Monday, April 26, 2010

Review for our Mini Alloy Front Rack

Chris from Biking in Dallas just let us know he reviewed our Mini Front Rack.
Biking in Dallas is a blog that primarily covers cycling in the Dallas, TX area with an extensive list of trail links. They don't review too much new products....actually they seem to review a lot more vintage stuff than new. But we are glad they took the time to share what they think about our little rack. The mini-rack is lightweight, but has a large enough platform to strap on a camping or yoga mat or a Wald basket. Chris was using his to put his camera bag on.

He cited he could not fit fenders on his huge 35c tires, but it is quite possible with 28c's as evidenced here from Franklyn's Bike Garage's photo below.


franklyn said...

Thanks for linking my photo. The tires I use on my Raleigh One Way with Soma Mini front rack and Takana alloy fenders are 32mm Pasela TG.

With the current set up on my bike, I can easily use up to 35mm Pasela TG tires.

Anonymous said...

what handlebars are on the raleight?

Somacisco said...

those our our Oxford bars...very similar to Nitto Albatross