Friday, March 15, 2013

Official pages for the new Soma Stainless frames now online!

You've been waiting! Now you can read all the details. Click the links to take you to the complete product pages on the Soma Mothersite.

Smoothie SS

Triple Cross

Triple Cross is available in 56cm right now! Smoothie SS in 58cm. More sizes on the way. Shops can order from our distributors now.


Anonymous said...

Sweetness! I like that you all opted to not include rack mounts on these models. Can't wait for that gravel grinder you spoke of Evan. Hopefully it too will be KVA MS2 and not have rack mounts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with rack mounts? A bike can be practical as well as beautiful. (Says proud owner of a San Marcos.)

Anonymous said...


Depends on the intended use of the frame. Some don't want rack eyelets on their road bike.

Anonymous said...

Will there be matching forks?

Anonymous said...

I just finished building up my steel 56 cm. Smoothie. I love the ride and painted looks, so no regrets. Just a couple of comments: I built mine with an Enve Road 2.0 fork. It rides (and looks) really nice. Seems like a perfect match for the stainless frame. Also, the quoted weight (3.75 lbs.) is 3/4 less than mine weighed. I know the paint weighs something, but still. Seems like filet brazing would make that up. Is the tubing lighter (thinner walls)? That would be interesting. I would have lost the fender and rack mounts on mine. I like 28c tires, so fenders wouldn't fit anyway. Besides, I'm waiting for the 650b rando model to build up for all weather/road riding! I like the separate seat collar too. Nice work.

Anonymous said...


is there a price for this yet? If I click through the 'purchase' link it just loops back to the same page.

Is it likely the frame will be available via the UK distributor?

Somacisco said...

Price is going to be $2000 (Not cheap, but not bad for stainless steel)
No matching fork. We assume most buying these will be opting for carbon.
Our UK distributor has not indicated whether he will be adding these to his line. Drop him an e-mail to see if he will special order for you. We won't be adding this to our web shop until other sizes come in.
KVA MS2's butted tubes are lighter gauge than the Tange Prestige we use on our frames.