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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I spy...a slew of new wares at the Somafab storefront!

We've had a busy month here! It's pretty exciting, lots of awesome new products in the Soma store... So, seriously, if you're really burnt out at work or just generally playful, I propose a game of "I Spy"..

I spy with my little eye:

Cardiff Leather Top Tube Protector (with brass snaps-yesss)

Soma Ensho Electric Saddles (there are 6 different colors...bear with me here, they've got some ridiculous/kinky names)

*Dom(inatrix) Black-inspired by the recent Folsom Street fair, oh snap..
*Mutha of Pearl-I've had this one on my bike for the last few weeks and it's had lots of's the belle of the freakin ball.
*Gloss Red-this one is mounted on the NEW Soma ZO seatpost. The seatpost also comes in silver and black.
*Blue Snakeskin-made from Vince Neil's old pants
*Acid Orange
*Anti-Freeze Yellow-it glows...

Pake RMX Stem Inspired by Nitto's old MT-16 BMX stem; great stem for fixed gear freestyle or BMX

Pake Alloy Track Frameset! Lightweight butted aluminum frame with no goofy shapes matched to a carbon fork that’s raked for track-like handling, but it will still take brakes. Don’t call this one ‘tarck’. It would love some time in the velodrome.

Cardiff Leather Bar Tape We've got seamless and seamed. Both awesome of course, no seams means no fraying!

Palmy ULocks in Black and White I like these the best of the bunch..

Seatcap Latex Seat Cover Who else is going to protect your leather saddle from Father Winter?!

Pake Urban Chains 1/8", 4 colors, snazzy...

Cardiff Saddles in Moss Green We've got the Mercia saddle (copper rivets) and Cornwall (steel rivets) in Moss Green.

And the Cardiff Leather Trouser Strap With reflective area like other trouser straps...but since its leather you could keep it on during your business lunch at the Four Seasons. I think.

Thanks for playing, it was fun...and if you don't feel like sorting through the store to find these treasures, don't worry, they're all in the new stuff section..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We've got Newbaums!!

Hot on the (w)heels of yestersday's post, we have yet another awesome product in our store, I've been hearing great things about this bar tape!

The specs c/o the Newbaums website

"This tape is made in the USA of highly durable milled cotton cloth.
We use eco-friendly dyes for a lower impact on the environment.
We think you'll love the tactile feel of cotton over any synthetic tape on the market, plus maybe you'll feel better, because you are using a product made with renewable natural resources.
- Adhesive back for easy wrapping
- 14 colors
- 10 ft x 3/4" rolls"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This just in...

Just added these to the Soma online store....

Skully lights in green, white, red, and hot pink. Pick either red or white LEDs. Get 1 and stick on your basket, get 10 and light up your spokes. Anyway you wrap it, it's time we graduated from frogs...

ALSO in, Soma Everwear 700c Tires with Wear Indicators.

Eventually we're gonna have 23, 26 and 28 in the colors above, and 32 in black and white ...but for now we've got black and white in all sizes.

here are the specs:

- Everwear tire with red core to indicate when tire is near worn down
- 5mm thick for longest wear
- Supple but tough rubber
- Round profile for best handling
- Made in Japan by Panaracer.

Protect yourself out in the concrete jungle and snap up some Skullys and Everwears with indicators!